What is Enrollment Services? - September 2018 Workshop

  • High-level overview of Enrollment Services office as presented at Academic Leadership Institute. 

Faculty Orientation - August 2022 Workshop

  • Presentation offered at the start of each fall semester in conjunction with Technology Services and the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Academic Record Changes - December 2016 Workshop

  • Overview of changes made to Student Program/Plan.

Academic Scheduling: Creating Your Term Schedule August 2021 Workshop

  • Covers the entire process of preparing a semester schedule from class roll to room scheduling.  Breaks down who is responsible for which tasks (department schedulers vs Enrollment Services), as well as when and how to make changes to course offerings.

Academic Scheduling: Sessions, Dynamically Dated Courses, and Instruction Modes - January 2017 Workshop

Covers how/when to schedule courses with dates other than the full semester and when to use instruction modes other than the default of "in person."

Academic Statuses: Leaves vs. Withdrawals vs. Deferrals - November 2018 Workshop

Basic Query Training - March 2017 Workshop

  • Provides instructions for searching for, running, and making minor modifications to queries. Includes helpful Excel tools.

Dean's Office Training - November 2019 Workshop

Graduation Preparation - April 2020 Workshop

The Lifecycle of a Course (Catalog vs Schedule) - February 2017 Workshop

  • Addresses the differences between the course catalog and the schedule of classes and provides a step-by-step overview of how courses are set up at the catalog level.  

Registration Troubleshooting March 2023 Workshop

  • Overview of holds, common student enrollment errors, and how to view enrollment/drop transactions (both attempted and successful).  This is the newest version of the workshop that has been offered twice-yearly since Fall 2016.
  • Watch a Zoom recording of this workshop here.