The Office of Enrollment Services recognizes that parents play an important role in the success of their college students. The information and resources on this page are designed to assist parents as they navigate their students towards independent management of their own academic and administrative responsibilities.

While we are always happy to assist parents with general inquiries, access to a student's academic and financial information can not be granted to anyone other than the student without the student's prior written consent. In order for us to release a transcript to or discuss a student's registration or account with a parent, the student must authorize us to do so. See our student records privacy page for more information.

Grades and Transcripts
Proof of Enrollment
Account Statements & Billing
Authorized Users
Tax Information (1098t)
Student Medical Plan
Tuition Insurance

Grades & Transcripts

The Office of Enrollment Services does not mail grade reports. Students can view their grades, print copies of their unofficial transcript, and request official transcripts in Cardinal Students. Additional information is available on our Transcript page.

Parents wishing to obtain grade information or transcript copies are encouraged to obtain this information directly from their student. Students may request that an official transcript be mailed to their parents by submitting an official transcript request in Cardinal Students.

Parents may not request transcript copies on their student's behalf unless the student has submitted an Education Record Release Form authorizing the release of their transcript to the parent. If such a release is on file in the Office of Enrollment Services, the parent may complete a transcript request form to obtain a copy of the student's transcript. Transcripts will not automatically be sent each term; a new transcript request must be submitted each time a transcript is desired.

Proof of Enrollment

Parents may request proof of enrollment for their student. Unless a student has restricted release of their directory information, a signed release from the student is not necessary to obtain Catholic University's standard proof of enrollment letter. This letter includes the student's name, address, dates of attendance, enrollment status (i.e., full-time, part-time, etc.), and program of study.

Grade point average, class schedule, and anticipated graduation date can not be included in the proof of enrollment letter unless the student has submitted an Education Record Release Form authorizing the release of this information to the parent. These items are not considered directory information and can not be released to anyone other than the student without the student's written consent. Students may request a proof of enrollment to include this information by visiting the Office of Enrollment Services in person.

Account Statements & Billing

Catholic University account statements are available electronically through the Cardinal Pay website.

Notification of statements is emailed to the student's Catholic University email address and to any additional email address designated by the student through the Cardinal Pay system. Statements are not sent to parents unless the student has designated the parent as a recipient in Cardinal Pay. Additional information is available in the Authorized User section, below.

Students can access the Cardinal Pay website by selecting the Student Account tile in Cardinal Students and selecting the Make a Payment or View Account Statement menu items. Authorized Users can access Cardinal Pay at

Information on billing and due dates is available here.  Payment is always due the Friday before the start date of the semester. Failure to remit payment by the due date may result in late payment fees, interest charges, and registration or transcript holds.

Authorized Users

Students who wish to grant other individuals access to their account information (including notification of bills) must establish those individuals as Authorized Users in Cardinal Pay.

The university is unable to discuss or disclose account information to any person other than the student unless the student has established that individual(s) as an Authorized User on his or her account. An Authorized User account should be established for each individual that a student wishes to have access to his or her account information.

Authorized Users will have their own login name and password for the Cardinal Pay website where they can access statements, enroll in payment plans, and make online payments. Information on how to gain Authorized User access is available here.


Payments to your student's account may be made in person in the Office of Enrollment Services, electronically via Cardinal Pay, or by mail. Payment is accepted by check, money order, wire, credit/debit card (American Express, MasterCard, Discover), and electronically through a checking or savings account (e-Check). Additional information about payment options, including instructions for payments sent via mail, is available here.

Catholic University also offers students the flexibility of a monthly payment option, available via Cardinal Pay. Information about the payment plan option, including instructions for enrollment in the plan, is available here.


Students and Parent PLUS borrowers who anticipate a refund due to an overpayment of their student account are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit through Cardinal Pay.  

Students can enroll in direct deposit by selecting the Direct Deposit tile in Cardinal Students and following the on-screen prompts.  

Parent PLUS borrowers must first be set up as Authorized Users in Cardinal Pay to enroll in direct deposit.  

Refund checks will be produced for students and borrowers not enrolled in direct deposit through Cardinal Pay.  Refund checks are mailed to the Refund address type students have specified in Cardinal Students. If no Refund type address has been specified, checks will be mailed to the Home address specified in Cardinal Students.

Refunds for those not signed up for direct deposit will be issued in the form of a paper check and mailed to the home address on record. Student refund checks will be held for pick-up in the Office of Enrollment Services for ten business days before being mailed unless the student sends a request to specifying that the check should not be held for pick-up.

Tax Information (1098t)

Form 1098-T is available to students and parents in Cardinal Pay. 

The information reported on the 1098t form reflects the calendar year in which items are paid or credited to a student's account, regardless of the term(s) to which these amounts are associated. The 1098-T form is not the definitive supporting document for a taxpayer's return. Students and parents should use their own financial records to support their claim for any tax credit or education deduction.

For calendar years up to and including 2017, schools were able to report information for either Box 1 (Payments) or Box 2 (Charges), but not both. CUA reported figures in Box 2.

For calendar years beginning in 2018, schools only have the option of reporting information for Box 1 (Payments).

Additional tax information can be found through the Student Financial Services section of our website.

Student Medical Plan

All domestic students billed for 12 or more credits and all International students (regardless of the number of credits) are required to carry medical insurance. These students will automatically be enrolled in the CUA Student Medical Insurance plan unless an online waiver is submitted by the enrollment deadline. Students electing to waive coverage must complete the online waiver by the published deadline each academic year, regardless of whether the plan was waived in previous years.

Since the number of credits in which a student is enrolled can not be definitively determined until the drop/add period has ended, students who CUA anticipates will be enrolled in 12+ credits by the end of the drop/add period will have a charge for the Student Medical Plan on their initial Fall term billing statements unless an online waiver has been submitted. The presence of this charge on the billing statement does not indicate that the student has already been enrolled in the plan.

Domestic students billed for 12 or more credits and International Students

Domestic students billed for 12 or more credits and International students who do not wish to enroll in the plan must complete the online waiver at by the end of the drop/add period. (International students should follow the additional instructions listed at that website.) Students who complete the online waiver will have the charge for the plan removed from their account within one week of submission of the waiver. Domestic students billed for 12 or more credits and International students who do not complete the online waiver by the end of the drop/add period will be enrolled in the plan by default.

Domestic students billed for less than 12 credits

Domestic students billed for less than 12 credits will not be automatically enrolled in the plan. If a charge for the plan has previously appeared on their account, the charge will be removed once the drop/add period has ended. (These students may complete the online waiver at to have the charge removed from their account sooner. The charge will be removed from their account within one week of submission of the waiver.)

Domestic students billed for less than 12 credits may voluntarily enroll in the Student Medical Plan at Once enrollment has been processed, a charge will be assessed to their student account.

Tuition Insurance

The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is a private insurance program of A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. that supplements the refund policy of The Catholic University of America. Those enrolled in the plan may be eligible for a refund even if the University's own refund policy may have expired at the time of withdrawal.

Protect your investment! Costs covered by the Tuition Refund Plan include tuition, room, board and mandatory fees for the spring and fall terms. (Medical insurance premiums and laboratory fees for courses are not included.) Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is optional and the University's refund policy is applicable whether or not you enroll in the plan. However, if you do not participate in the Tuition Refund Plan, any refund is limited to the amounts allowed by the University's policy.

Undergraduate students will be auto-enrolled in the Tuition Refund Plan unless they opt-out by the add/drop deadline for the semester, as listed in the Academic Calendar.  The opt-out website is available at  Other students may proactively enroll in the plan by visiting