Form 1098-T is mailed for the University no later than January 31 and is sent to the student's home address as listed in Cardinal Students. This form can also be accessed via the www.tsc1098t.com website. Forms for the prior year can also be accessed via this website.

If you have never logged on to www.tsc1098t.com, enter the information below on the Log In page.  You will be prompted to change your password when you first log into the site.

  • Site ID: 11469
  • User Name: <your 7 digit Catholic University student ID number>
  • Password: <last 4 digits of your SSN>

If you used www.tsc1098t.com in a prior year, enter the information below on the Log In page.

  • Site ID: 11469
  • User Name: <your 7 digit Catholic University student ID number>
  • Password: <enter password you set for yourself previously or select the Forgot Password hyperlink>

The information reported on the 1098t form reflects the calendar year in which items are paid or credited to a student’s account, regardless of the term(s) to which these amounts are associated. The 1098-T form is not the definitive supporting document for a taxpayer's return. Students and parents should use their own financial records to support their claim for any tax credit or education deduction.

For calendar years up to and including 2017, schools were able to report information for either Box 1 (Payments) or Box 2 (Charges), but not both. Catholic University reported figures in Box 2.

For calendar years beginning in 2018, schools only have the option of reporting information for Box 1 (Payments).  

Students who wish to view line-item account activity for a given calendar year may do so in Cardinal Students by following the instructions available here. Doing so will be helpful if you are looking to match up the figures on your 1098t with activity on your student account.

While the University can provide you with information about your Form 1098-T and the activity on your student account, we cannot provide you with any tax advice or assistance in determining whether you are eligible. Please consult your tax advisor for further information about your eligibility for these tax credits as well as for the education deduction.

Further information can be obtained from Internal Revenue Service Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Higher Education) and Form 8863 Education Credits (American Opportunity, and Lifetime Learning Credits).

Canadian Students

Canadian students who wish to have form TL11A Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate - University Outside Canada completed should bring the form to the Office of Enrollment Services (W200 Fr. O'Connell Hall).

Resources and Links for Education Tax Credits and Deductions

Visit these sites for more information about tax credits and deductions:

Internal Revenue Service website: http://www.irs.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out when payments for qualified tuition & related expenses and scholarships & grants were posted to my account?

    In your Cardinal Students Student Center, click the Account Activity link. In the View By section enter January 1 in the From box and December 31 in the To box for the year you are reviewing. Click the GO button. Click View All in the Transactions section.

  • Why aren’t all payments posted on my student account in Cardinal Students included in Box 1 of my 1098T?

    Only payments applied to qualified tuition and related expenses are posted in box 1. Charges such as housing and meal plans, health insurance, health services fees, etc. are not qualified tuition and related expenses as defined by IRS regulations so payments covering these charges are not included in box 1.

  • I received a 1098-T but would like to have more detailed information.

    If you wish to have a detailed statement of your account, please log into Cardinal Students and follow the instructions here.

  • I am an international student; can I claim the tax credits?

    International students are not eligible for the tax credits.

  • I was enrolled in terms during the calendar year but did not receive a 1098-T and think that I should have; how do I obtain a form?

    Please log on www.tsc1098t.com to find out if a form was generated for you; if so, you can download it.

    If a form was not generated for you please send an email inquiry to the Office of Enrollment Services providing your full name and Catholic University ID number and current address. A form can be prepared within a week.

  • The information on my 1098-T does not seem correct; can I obtain a corrected form?

    Please send an email inquiry to the Office of Enrollment Services. If the information on the form is incorrect, an amended form can be prepared within a week.