Change of Section

Students who wish to change from one section to another in the same course should use the Drop/Add or Swap functions in Cardinal Students.

Change of Course or Section

Check with your advisor before making any changes to your registration. If the change results in a change of fees or charges, it is your responsibility to make financial arrangements with the Office of Enrollment Services. Call 202-319-5300 or 1-800-787-0242.

Courses may be added up to the date specified in the Academic Calendar. Withdrawal from a course is permitted up to the date specified in the Academic Calendar. After receiving your advisor's approval, withdraw from your class by using Cardinal Students. After the initial period of registration, the course remains on the student's record with the notation that the student has withdrawn (W).

Students withdrawing from courses should note the regulations governing refunds of tuition and fees.

Note: A student who ceases to attend a course, but does not withdraw in accordance with established procedures will be assigned a grade of Administrative Failure in the course and be responsible for its tuition and fees.