Notification of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Office of General Counsel's FERPA Resources

FERPA Awareness Training

Please note that although FERPA does not protect the education records of a deceased eligible student, university policy is that records of deceased students are not eligible to be released to third parties for a period of fifty years from time of death.  


Education Record Release Form
Students who wish to authorize release of records information to a third-party, including a parent or guardian, should complete this form.

Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information
Students should complete this form if they wish to block the release of directory information to requestors who do not have the student's signed consent. Keep in mind that non-directory information (e.g., grades, course schedules) is already not releasable without a student's signed consent.

Investigator Release Form
Investigators requesting information about a student or alum should complete this form. Only directory information can be released unless the student has signed consent for the release of additional information. In cases where a student has placed a block on release of directory information, signed consent is required for release of any information. Certain information (e.g., grades/transcripts) may not be releasable if the student/alum has a hold on their record.