***Did you miss our recent training session on the new forms? Find the PowerPoint here.***

Catalog Forms

Scheduling Forms

  • Bound Classes Request (Use to request that two or more class sections be scheduled together in a single classroom)
  • Class Change Request (Use to request changes -- including cancellation -- to a class already on the semester schedule, including changes to enrollment cap, meeting pattern, session, etc.)
  • Class Scheduling Request (Use to request that a class be added to the semester schedule)
  • Non-Conforming Class Approval Request (Use to request approval for classes with meeting patterns other than those identified in the University Scheduling Grid)
  • Special Rooming Request (Use to request a specific class space for a class)

Software Forms

  • Technology Services has discontinued use of the New Software Request form.  To request installation of new software in a university computer lab, departments should instead send an email to techsupport@cua.edu.