Full-time rates are charged for enrollment of 12 or more credits for undergraduate students, 12 or more credits for Columbus School of Law students, and 8 or more credits for graduate students.

Students enrolled in joint degree programs with the law school are billed standard law school tuition rates for the entirety of their joint degree program and are considered law school students for the purposes of student financial aid and student loans.

Students enrolled in joint degree graduate programs where the tuition rates for the individual schools differ are billed at the higher tuition rate for the entirety of their joint degree program and are considered students in the higher tuition rate school for the purposes of student financial aid and student loans.

In the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Library & Information Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, and Theology & Religious Studies
Full-time, per semester $17,630
Part-time, per credit hour  $1,380
In the Schools of Architecture & Planning and Engineering
Full-time, per semester  $17,780
Part-time, per credit hour  $1,380
In the School of Canon Law
per credit hour  (up to but not exceeding the full-time, per semester rate for the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Library & Information Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, and Theology & Religious Studies) $1,380
In the School of Law
Full-time, per semester $20,915
Part-time, per credit hour $1,515
In the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
per credit hour $755
In the National Catholic School of Social Service
Full-time, per semester - Undergraduate $17,630
Full-time, per semester - Graduate $11,100
Part-time, per credit hour - Undergraduate $1,380
Part-time, per credit hour - Graduate $860
In Intensive English
per semester, regardless of credit hours $17,630
Off-Campus Programs
per credit hour (see Off-Campus Programs rate eligibility) $890


Activities Fees (rates set by student government)
Undergraduate, full-time, per semester $100
Undergraduate, part-time, per semester $50
Graduate (non-Law), per semester $40
Student Record Fee (assessed in first semester only)
Undergraduate $425
Graduate and Law $425
Graduate (Metropolitan School of Professional Studies) $125
Certificate programs $200
CUA Employees $130
Law Student Fees
Day Division, per year $85
Evening Division, per year $80
Student Bar Association Fee, per semester $40



Academic Fees

Re-admission fee $100
Language Placement Test fee $70
Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum fee $100
SLIS Instructional Technology fee, per semester $25
Education Abroad program fee varies by program
Note: A portion of the Education Abroad program fee is paid directly to CUAbroad as a program deposit. The remaining balance is billed to the student’s account.
Course fees varies by course
Note: Some courses and programs carry additional fees. A listing of courses that carry fees can be found here.  For more details, consult the individual academic departments. 

Non-Academic Fees

Diploma replacement fee $80
Returned check fee $65
Health Services fees varies
Student Medical Insurance, per year (billed in full in the Fall semester) $1,521
Note: Enrollment in the CUA Student Medical Insurance plan is required for all domestic students enrolled in 12 or more credits and all international students (regardless of the number of credits enrolled) unless an online coverage waiver is completed by the published deadline. Additional information on the student medical insurance plan and instructions for waiving coverage are available here as well as at the Student Medical Insurance webpage.



Late Registration Fee (for initial registration on or after the first day of the term) $75
Late Enrollment Fee (for initial registration after the final drop/add deadline) $500
Late/Incomplete Immunization Record Fee (see Student Health Services webpage for details) $100
Late Payment Charges
Payment is due by the published due date each term. Unpaid balances are subject to late payment fees and interest charges as outlined here.
Outstanding balance less than $200 $0
Outstanding balance $200 - $499.99 $20
Outstanding balance $500 - $1,999.99 $50
Outstanding balance $2,000 - $4,999.99 $150
Outstanding balance $5,000 - $9,999.99 $250
Outstanding balance $10,000 - $14,999.99 $300
Outstanding balance $15,000 and above $350


Housing charges are per semester and include phone, T.V. hook-up, laundry, and internet services. Additional information is available through the Office of Housing Services.

Technology Infrastructure fee (formerly the Phone Initiation fee) $50
Housing deposit for continuing students (not billed to the student account) $500
Housing Cancellation Fee (outlined in the Residence Hall & Dining Services Agreement) $500
Lockout & Key Replacement Fees – varies based on room type varies
Room & Common Area Damage Fees varies
Caldwell, Flather, Gibbons, Regan, Ryan, and Seton Halls
Single, per semester $3,970
Single with bath, per semester $4,685
Double, per semester $3,676
Double with bath, per semester $4,338
Triple, per semester $3,469
Triple with bath, per semester $4,092
Quad with bath, per semester $4,092
Centennial Village
Double with bath, per semester $4,338
Curley Court
Apartment Double, per semester $4,748
Millennium Halls
Apartment Single, per semester $5,128
Apartment Double, per semester $4,748
Single Suite A, per semester $4,895
Single Suites B & C, per semester $4,695
Opus Hall
Suite Single, per semester $4,895
Suite Double, per semester $4,663

Note: Not all room types are available in each hall. Refer to the Residence Hall Information webpage for descriptions of available room types in specific halls. Additional per diem charges will be assessed to those graduate and law students approved to reside on campus outside of normal contractual periods.


In University dining halls, per semester. Additional information is available through Dining Services

Meal Plans
Anytime Platinum, per semester $2,703
Anytime Gold, per semester $2,603
Anytime Silver, per semester $2,503
Block 175 Plan, per semester $2,263
Block 100 Plan, per semester $1,417
Block 75 Plan, per semester $958
Block 50 Plan, per semester $694
Block 25 Plan, per semester $426

Note: Residential Freshmen and Sophomores are required to select an Anytime meal plan.

Rates for prior terms can be found here.