Campus Buildings

Abbreviation Building Name
AQU Aquinas Hall
CALD Caldwell
CROU Crough Center for Architectural Studies
CSL The Columbus School of Law
CURLEY Curley Hall
DUFR DuFour Center
GIBB Gibbons
GOWN Gowan
HANN Hannan
HART Hartke Theatre
KEAN Keane
LEAH Leahy
MALO Maloney
MARI Marist
MCCT McCort-Ward
MCGIV McGivney
MCMA McMahon
MULL Mullen
NUGE Nugent Hall, Executive Offices
NBIO Nursing-Biology
OBYL O'Boyle
PANG Pangborn
PRYZ Pryzbyla
STBN St. Bonaventure
ST VINC St. Vincent de Paul Chapel
SALV Salve Regina
SHAH Shahan
TC Theological College


Off-Campus Buildings

Abbreviations Building Name
ARMY Headquarters, Army Corps of Engineers
BELV Fort Belvoir
CAP U.S. Capitol
CARD David Taylor N.S.R.D.C., Carderock
CH HOSP Children's Hospital National Medical Center
CRYS N Crystal City North
CRYS S Crystal City South
DIST U.S. District Court
DOM HS Dominican House of Studies
DU OAKS Dumbarton Oaks
FOLGER Folger Library
GMU George Mason University
GETT Gettysburg Theological Seminary
HOFF Hoffman Building, Alexandria, Virginia
HTS Hall of the States, Capitol Hill
JHU Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
LIBC Library of Congress
MCNAIR Fort McNair
NCAP North Capitol Street Clinic
NIH National Institute of Health
PENT Pentagon
ROSS Rosslyn
SMTHSN Smithsonian Institution
ST PAUL St. Paul's College
SUP Superior Court
UR University of Richmond
VTS Virginia Theological Seminary
WHC Washington Hospital Center
WSLY Wesley Theological Seminary