Welcome High Schoolers!

We are glad you are joining the Catholic University community!  The Office of Enrollment Services is here to assist with questions related to registration and student accounts.  Visit us on the 2nd floor of Father O'Connell Hall, email us at cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu, or call us at 202-319-5300.


Next Steps

Once you've accepted the offer of admission and have been matriculated, follow the below steps to enroll in classes and pay your tuition bill. 

1.  Read and accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR). There are three ways to accept the statement and the method you must follow depends on your age and whether you are participating in a summer camp program:

  • If you are participating in a summer camp program, your parent will complete the SFR electronically, along with all other required forms, using a weblink that will be emailed to them after you accept your offer of admission.  Be sure to accept your offer of admission in the admissions portal to trigger the email being sent to your parent/guardian.
  • If you are under the age of 18 and are not participating in a camp program, you and a parent or legal guardian must sign a paper copy of the SFR and return it to the Office of Enrollment Services. A scanned or photographed copy of the signed statement can be emailed to cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu or faxed to 202-319-5831.
  • If you are age 18 or older and are not participating in a camp program, you can electronically accept the SFR via the link in the Student Account tile in Cardinal Students.

2.  Set your password.  Visit password.catholic.edu to establish a password for our systems.  You'll use this password to enroll in classes, pay your bill, request a transcript, access computers in on-campus classrooms and labs, and access online resources remotely. 

You will need to know your username and ID number to set your password.  Both of these items will be emailed to you the day after you are matriculated; however, if you can not locate the email, contact cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu for assistance.  (Please note: High school students are advised to leave the prompt for the last four digits of the social security number blank on the password reset page since most do not have a SSN in our system.)

3.  Search for the class(es) in which you wish to enroll. Log into Cardinal Students and search for your class/camp by selecting the Manage Classes tile followed by the Class Search and Enroll option.  Type either the course name or the subject+number combination into the search box and initiate the search.

Fall 2023 Courses Open to Enrollment by High Students
Fall course registration begins June 15th.
Course Name Subject + Number Location
Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural Competency in a Global Society ANTH 101 MAIN
Introduction to Archaeology ANTH 108 MAIN
Speech and Experience:Anthropology of Language ANTH 110 MAIN
Introductory Arabic ARAB 101 MAIN
Architectural Foundations I:Introduction to Architecture ARPL 101 MAIN
History of Architecture I ARPL 211 MAIN
Ethics and Stewardship ARPL 383 MAIN
Fundamentals of Design I ART 101 MAIN
Painting I ART 103 MAIN
Drawing & Composition I ART 201 MAIN
Drawing & Composition for Artists I ART 207 MAIN
Cell Phone Photography
Open to students at John Paul the Great High School only
Digital Art and Design I ART 231 MAIN
Introduction to Ceramic Art ART 271 MAIN
American Sign Language I ASL 101 MAIN
Human Biology BIOL 103 MAIN
Mechanisms of Life I BIOL 105 MAIN
Mechanisms of Life I - Lab BIOL 115 MAIN
Prin of Environmental Science CHEM 101 MAIN
Beginning Mandarin Chinese I CHN 101 MAIN
History of Ancient Greece CLAS 205 MAIN
Introduction to Computer Programming w/MATLAB CSC 113 MAIN
Introduction to Computational Thinking CSC 120 MAIN
Introduction to Computer Programming CSC 123 MAIN
Introduction to Computer Programming with Python CSC 124 MAIN
Theatre I DR 101 MAIN
Theatre in Performance DR 105 MAIN
Acting for Non-Majors DR 106 MAIN
Survey of Theatre History DR 201 MAIN
Introduction to Speech Communications
Asynchronous Course
Intro to Design DR 207 MAIN
Public Speaking DR 403 MAIN
The History of English Lit I ENG 231 MAIN
American Literature I ENG 235 MAIN
Computer Aided Engineering Tools ENGR 106 MAIN
Elementary French I FREN 101 MAIN
Elementary German I GER 101 MAIN
Elementary Italian I ITAL 101 MAIN
Elementary Latin I LAT 101 MAIN
Intermediate Latin I LAT 103 MAIN
Calculus for Social-Life Sci I MATH 111 MAIN
Probability and Statistics MATH 114 MAIN
Analytic Geometry & Calc I MATH 121 MAIN
Mathematics in the Modern World MATH 168 MAIN
Introduction to Singing MUS 110 MAIN
Music in Performance MUS 112 MAIN
Ear Training & Sight Singing I MUS 121 MAIN
Harmony I MUS 123 MAIN
Mary in Art and Music MUS 135 MAIN
Music in Western Civilization MUS 178 MAIN
Class Piano I MUS 183 MAIN
History of Music I MUS 325 MAIN
University Symphony Orchestra MUS 480 MAIN
Ballet I MUS 105A MAIN
Dance Conditioning MUS 407A MAIN
University Singers MUS 470B MAIN
Repertory Orchestra MUS 480A MAIN
Wind Ensemble MUS 480B MAIN
Jazz Ensemble MUS 480C MAIN
Univ Symphony Orch, Non-Credit MUS 480G MAIN
Production Orchestra MUS 480J MAIN
Astronomy PHYS 103 MAIN
Introduction to American Government POL 111 MAIN
Introduction to Comparative Politics POL 112 MAIN
Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 MAIN
Elementary Spanish I SPAN 101 MAIN
Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 103 MAIN
Spanish for Health Care I SPAN 107 MAIN
Introduction to Social Work SSS 101 MAIN
World Religions TRS 290 MAIN
The Mission of the Contemporary Catholic TRS 355 MAIN
Introduction to Islam TRS 398 MAIN
Hispanic Ministry TRS 454 MAIN
Jewish Christian Relations TRS 395A MAIN

4.  Enroll in your desired class(es).  From the results list from step 3, select the class in which you wish to enroll.  On the following page, you can either select the hyperlink to view more details about the course or you can select anywhere other than the hyperlink to advance in the enrollment process.  Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your enrollment.  (Repeat steps 3-4 if you wish to enroll in additional classes.)  More detailed enrollment instructions can be found here.

5.  Pay your bill.  After you have enrolled in your class(es), the applicable tuition and fee charges will calculate onto your account.  Charges will populate via an automated overnight process but if you wish to remit payment prior to the charges populating onto your account, you may do so; however, keep in mind that if you do this you won’t see the actual charges at the time you remit payment. 

To view your bill and remit an online payment, select the Student Account tile in Cardinal Students followed by either View Account Statement or Make A Payment.  Either option will prompt you to select a button to launch Cardinal Pay by entering your account information a second time.  Once in Cardinal Pay, you can review your statement and/or remit online payments.  If you need to set a parent or guardian up with their own access to Cardinal Pay, follow the instructions here.

Note: If you are still using your temporary password to access Cardinal Students you will need to reset it before you are able to access Cardinal Pay.  Passwords can be reset at password.catholic.edu.

To remit payment via check, mail payment along with your staetment from Cardinal Pay, to the below address.  Please ensure your name and student ID number are clearly labeled on the check.

Office of Enrollment Services
The Catholic University of America
​620 Michigan Ave NE
Washington, DC 20064​

6.  Request your transcript.  When your class is over you can request a transcript showing your class participation and grade.  You can actually request a transcript at any time, so be sure to keep track of your Cardinal Students username and password – you’ll need them if you wish to request a transcript in the future.  You can review your transcript in Cardinal Students or request to have an official copy sent to any recipient.    

Note: To drop a class, select the Manage Classes tile in Cardinal Students followed by the option for the term from which you wish to drop.  Select the row for the class(es) you’d like to drop and then select the Next button.  Follow the on-screen prompts to drop the class(es).  If it’s after the add/drop deadline for any class you attempt to drop you will receive a warning message before you confirm the transaction.    

Resources You May Find Helpful

Parents and Guardians

If you are the parent or guardian of a new student, please review our Parent Information page.