Federal regulations permit The Catholic University of America to apply a credit from Federal Title IV financial aid funds to a student's account for:

  • Current term charges related to:
    • Tuition
    • Student Fees
    • Room and board costs (as contracted by the student with the University)

Title IV financial aid funds include:

  • Pell Grants
  • Direct Stafford Loans
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants [SEOG]
  • Afghanistan Service [IAS] Grant
  • Direct PLUS Loans

Under Federal law, if the total of Title IV financial aid funds exceeds the total of the allowable charges listed above, the University must refund the excess to you unless you give the University permission to apply the excess funds to other educationally related charges (e.g. health insurance fees, health center charges, University penalties, and other miscellaneous charges).

To permit the University to apply these excess funds to other current year educationally related charges, you must provide authorization to the Office of Enrollment Services prior to the processing of your refund. If authorization is not provided in the manner listed below by the day your refund is processed any excess Title IV financial aid funds will be refunded to you.

This authorization is voluntary. However, if you do not grant authorization, your Title IV financial aid cannot be used to pay for charges other than tuition, fees, room and board. In all cases, any outstanding balance on your student account is your responsibility, including any late charges that may be assessed for payments not received by the applicable deadline.

This authorization may be rescinded at any time in person at the Office of Enrollment Services during normal business hours. Once the authorization is submitted it is valid until rescinded.

Students: To grant the above authorization, follow the instructions here.    

Parents: To grant the above authorization for use of Direct Parent PLUS Loans, complete the Parent Title IV Financial Aid Credit Authorization form and submit to the Office of Enrollment Services.