How do I access the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to review my loan history?
The NSLDS web address is

While at Catholic I received a Perkins Loan and believe that I may be eligible for its payment cancellation over the next 5 years since I am a teacher in a low-income school, as described in the exit interview. Where do I get the request for cancellation form?
In order to qualify for the loan cancellation, the school where you are currently teaching has to be on the US Department of Education list (Low-Income School Search). For more information, please contact your loan servicer, University Accounting Service, at (800) 999-6227 or go on-line at

How do I go about consolidating my loans?
For information about loan consolidation resources, please contact the Financial Aid Office at or the Law Financial Aid Office at

When will I receive my 1098-E form?
UAS produces the 1098-E forms for borrowers and sends to the IRS an electronic file of reported interest in January. The forms are available on the website If you chose not to retrieve the form from the website, a printed version is sent via US Mail. If you need assistance, please call UAS at (800) 999-6227.